"It's not the data thief that's the problem, it's the chain of buyers"
                                        Jackie Bassett CEO, Sealed Speed
     Want to Win the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage?

  Building and keeping the right talent for your TMC or SOC 

When an APT attack is just a matter of time, when even Zero Day is too late, when the top10% of cyber talent is already employed and the pipeline is years away, our Feynman model is the right answer. Our program is specifically designed to engage on-the-job with your existing talent, turning your entire team into the top10%!

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" After 25 years of threat intelligence, these 3 questions are still the first to be asked and the last to be answered. Until now!

        * Exactly what data was taken and when?
        * Where is it now,at any given moment in time?
        * Exactly how did it get there (capturing the chain of "buyers")?

No more waiting weeks for the answers. Know now! The chain of custody starts even before the alert arrives. Excalibur is the future of security!"

 Christopher A. Martin, CISSP, CRISC, GCFW, ITILv3, FCRA                  worked with Dr. Sinnreich on SIP security,Threat Intelligence